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My Path Speech-Language Therapy

My Path Speech-Language Therapy was created in 2021 to serve children in the Houston area. My Path believes that each child is a child first, and highlights each individual's unique strengths. Speech-language pathologist Heather Warwick has been working in the field for almost 25 years.

Creative Exploration

Heather came to me with the philosophy that the child comes first and is able to face any challenge. Each icon and lockup thus combines a child's silhouette with a freeing butterfly in varying illuminating gradients. Type weight as well as combinations of analogous, complimentary, and primary color palettes were iterated on as I determined the mood Heather imagined for My Path.


Design Solutions

The foundation of both Heather's practice and the brand's design is the belief that engaging and connecting with the child is the foundation of all communication. Youthful colors in a bright complimentary palette add a sense of optimism, warmth, and energy to the brand and website, and simplify the initial primary palette to increase cohesion. The logo design furthers My Path's child-centered mentality by highlighting youthfulness through the child's face in the butterfly's silhouette. Bold typography was chosen for readability and impact, reflecting the power of successful communication. 


Clarity, breathability, and warmth was opted for over too-strong colors and gradients in the website's design. User interface was kept simple with anchor links on the landing page removing the need for complicated page hierarchies and demonstrating the brand's transparency. A narrow complimentary color palette draws from the primary gradient logo icon without distracting from important information for potential clients; white space was used generously to allow for uncluttered understanding of My Path's philosophy and focus. Images and quotes balance text and add warmth to the page, incorporating family photos and stock images in a way that relates to site visitors and removes clinical preconceptions, further differentiating My Path from traditional practices and enhancing user expereince.

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