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I aim to combine meticulous research and attention to detail with creative passion, pushing myself to go beyond the expected in clearly fulfilling every brief — whether I'm completing personal projects or working with a team of stakeholders. Learn more about my recent work or view my resume.


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Alterations to employer branding for Circle Internet Financial included a redesign of Circle's career page hero image, share card, and social media graphics.



Design work for Circle U, a platform for Circle employees to engage in asynchronous and instructor-led courses, included logo creation, animation, and digital mockups.



My Path Speech-Language Therapy believes that each child is a child first, and highlights each individual's unique strengths. Original logo, branding and webpage design work to reflect these attributes.


Spanning Instagram, Facebook, and email, the Plastic Free July campaign encouraged Zoo New England's 48k+ followers to participate in the July Plastic Free EcoChallenge.

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A month-long volunteer project led to the creation of a logo and social media collateral for The Give Back Hour, a program run by nonprofit organization Project Giving Kids.


Scribble is an imagined short fiction magazine created to fulfill a printed publication project for Introduction to Graphic Design at Boston College. The short story used for the magazine's example spreads was written by me for a Creative Writing class, also at Boston College.

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In fulfilling a data visualization assignment at Boston College, I utilized the free National Parks System database to illustration ebbs in monthly visitation shortly before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Augmented Reality

Inspired by activists, artists, and dreamers, the augmented reality project presented at my senior minor thesis exhibition incorporates both print and digital-based media to explore seen and unseen layers of the innovator's journey.

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Darvanda, or "snake hood" is an open-sided pavilion centered on dynamic motion, developed for Boston College's Designing 3D Spaces course where students are asked to warp and develop imported 3D objects into a center for human interaction.

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